Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What if you believed God for the impossible?

I have been challenged recently with the thought....."What if you believed God for the impossible?"
When we were in Breckenridge earlier this month, we did a lot of hiking on the mountain and also in the town. We came across some very beautiful homes. Tim and I had fun picking out our dream home, and we also talked about how great it would be have a BIG house so we could host lots of people, especially our BFA friends.
Part of me would never want a big house because I would not want to clean it (or heat it, or furnish it)! But another part of me would love to own a large home so that we could make it available, especially to alumni and staff from BFA who need a place to retreat to.
Tim and I do not yet own a home. We are currently renting. I am trusting God for what seems at the moment to be an impossibility - owning a home of our own. While I am at it, why not trust Him for a BIG house?! He is a BIG God!
What about you? What if you believed God for the impossible?!

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