Saturday, December 25, 2010

A very special Christmas

We have had a wonderful Christmas Day together! Very relaxed. Didn't open presents until around 10:30 or 11:00 - that's what happens when you have guys in college!
Tim got a book that requires 3-D glasses. Luke is checking it out.

Luke and Tyler will never outgrow Lego. Keep reading.........!

Luke and Tyler's old boxes of Lego came out of storage today and they have been building most of the day and into the evening. Our living room floor is a huge mess but I LOVE IT!!

Tyler builds his ship and Luke steals it. Brothers!

The guys built Lego and watched a Star Wars marathon on TV. Tyler is trying to create a 3-D affect by holding his newly built ship in front of the TV screen!

Christmas dinner together! Wonderful!
We invited some friends but they got stuck in Atlanta with no flights back to Colorado Springs until tomorrow night! Bummer!

The epitome of comfort - a Lego pillow!

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Diane and Howard Smid said...

You are going to love your kitchen aid, just call her Martha.