Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tyler solos!

Tyler soloed (flew an airplane by himself) for the first time yesterday! We can hardly believe it! We are so proud of him! When I emailed him last night and asked him if it actually happened (because whether he flies or not is always dependent on the weather), this was his reply:
yes i did...yes i did.
it went really well! first me and my instructor went up. just to get a feel for things before letting me go. The wind was quite a bit higher than what i've been used to, so that was good. Than i dropped him off at the letourneau hanger, and i was off! i took off, and landed 3 times. that was pretty much it. I was pretty nervous at first, but it went really well.
after the flight he took some pictures, and then he cut off part of my shirt. thats a tradition for your first solo. they cut it off because the instructor isn't gonna be tugging on my shirt anymore, i am free haha.
These pictures were taken after he flew yesterday. Go Tyler!!

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Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Frau Hill can hardly wait to fly with Tyler!