Friday, February 12, 2010

In keeping with Valentines

Here at BFA we've been going through a tough time the last two weeks. It's been particularly difficult for my small group. As I was anticipating meeting with them last night, I was asking God for wisdom and direction in how to lead our time together.
For starters, I made a special Valentines meal for them and invited them all for dinner (normally we meet later in the evening).
While we were eating we got into an animated conversation about Valentines day. This continued after the meal when Tim presented them with one of our wedding albums for them to peruse! Inside the album was the engagement letter that Tim had written to me almost 24 years ago; they asked Tim to read it out loud to them! After that, he read the story that I had written about our engagement. We talked with them a little bit about our wedding; I got my wedding dress out of storage and showed it to them.
These were special moments that we were able to share with "our girls" (which is truly what they have become). I pray that they were able to once again see how worth it it is to wait for God's best and to keep themselves for that one special man.
By the way, our evening went nothing according to what I had envisioned, but I know that God was in it! I think that this was just what these ladies needed - a fun time together but also some food for thought.

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Shawna said...

Sounds like a God-thing. You did great. :o )