Saturday, January 30, 2010

A First for BFA

Friday evening, 29 January 2010, BFA had its first ever wrestling match. Well, it was more of a demonstration, but it was a first for BFA.
This year some interested staff members started a wrestling club for our guy students. On Friday, due to harsh snow conditions, a visiting DoD school had to cancel the home basketball games for the weekend. As we scrambled to come up with alternative activities it suddenly occurred to us that our wrestling club could put on match for our fans. It was an absolute awesome thing to witness (Tim's opinion - some female spectators might not agree!). This might be the start of a new sport for BFA.
Here are some great pictures of the exciting event. Many, if not most, of the spectators had never seen a real wrestling match before. (Of course, we're not talking about the kind of wrestling that goes on in guys' dorms on a regular basis.)

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