Saturday, October 10, 2009

Senior Trip to Italy

I haven't blogged for awhile because Tim and I have been in Italy with the senior class from BFA - 76 of them! We just returned yesterday morning. We left last Thursday evening, driving through the night to Florence, and then two nights ago we ended our trip in Venice by driving all night back to BFA. In between we spent 5 wonderful days in Rome and surrounding area. We had sunshine and warm weather every day. We are so thankful to the Lord for His protection along the way.
We traveled in two buses and covered many kilometers - approximately 2800 altogether.

Tim and I led the trip this year, which we have never done before. In the past we have gone as chaperones, but have never been "in charge". So this time round was more responsibility (and stress!), but the kids were great and made our job a whole lot easier. So did the 10 class sponsors who traveled with us. They did so much work to make the week a success!
Can you imagine leading a group of 88 people through the streets of Florence or Rome or Venice? Amazingly, no one got lost or left behind! We used "the flower" as our tour guide staff. Why a flower? It's just part of a long-standing tradition on BFA senior class trips!

We saw the pope - on the sidewalk - in Florence!

The Duomo, a famous cathedral in Florence

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