Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tim is flying to Nigeria this weekend, and in preparation for that, he had to fly to Berlin yesterday to obtain a Nigerian visa. They would not issue it by mail, so it ended up being a very expensive visa because of the cost of the flight! While he was waiting for his visa to be processed he spent some time in the famous Pergamon Museum. Here are some shots from that visit.

This is a model of the museum.

All of these original artifacts were taken from their locations, mostly from modern Iraq, and placed in this museum. The sheer size is amazing - buildings inside a building!!

This is the Ishtar Gate originally located in ancient Babylon!!

These blue tiles are the real deal!

In Berlin the hotdog vendors carry their gas grills around hanging from their shoulders!! Think about it! These guys are carrying around a tank of gas and it's lit! Seems a tad dangerous!

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