Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sunday afternoon in southern Germany

I took these pictures while on a bike ride on Sunday afternoon. I rode 27 kms and biked through 12 towns/villages. If I were biking the same distance where I come from in Canada, I would be lucky to encounter two 2 towns! It is very flat on the Canadian prairies, so biking in our corner of Germany, where it is very hilly, is a better work-out. It is also a little more scenic here in my opinion (sorry, Saskatchewan!) and that helps a great deal to make yet another hill more bearable!

Orchards and vineyards everywhere in our area!

I lived in this quaint village for six years.

I have done this particular bike route quite often but this past Sunday was the first time I ever saw the Swiss Alps (approximately 200 kms away) on the route. That is how clear it was!

Part of my route is on a ridge where I saw the Alps (Switzerland) on my left, the Alsace mountains (France) on my right! Amazing!

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rdkraines said...

It really does look like that! Beautiful pictures -once again Sandee! Thanks for sharing them!