Friday, September 11, 2009

A special guest

This week we have had a special guest visiting in our home. Natalie was once a student at BFA and is now a junior in college. She has come to Europe to study a semester abroad in France. She stopped in to see us on the way to Grenoble where she will be immersed in French for four months.

We took Natalie to one of our favorite local resataurants.

Natalie and my small group spent some talking about college life (all six girls in my small group are seniors at BFA and will be off to college next year).

Natalie is now en route to France. Most of her train ride today is through Switzerland. She is in for a treat as she is going to see some amazing scenery on the way! Plus she gets to ride on immaculate Swiss trains! Tim and I were a little jealous when we said good-bye to her! We wish we could have gone with her.


Shawna said...

NATALIE!! So good to see her. I hope she has a great time!

fivegranos said...

That reminds me of the semester I spent at the university in Grenoble - many moons ago. (My grandma still lives there.)
Does she know of a church to attend there?
What a neat experience for your small group seniors to chat with a college girl.

Hi! My name is Janet. said...

I'm jealous of Natalie, too!

Natalie Graf said...

Mrs. Shuman, I just read through your blog to catch up on you guys and had no idea you posted this! so kind. man, I had such a great time during those few days I was with you. you both are still welcome to come visit me here in Grenoble... ;-)

love, natalie