Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art Basel

Yesterday Luke visited Art Basel which is an international contemporary art exibition in the city of Basel, Switzerland, just 20 minutes from our house. The show which is very well known has been called the "Olympics" of the art world.
Brad Pitt was there and bought a painting for just under $1m! Another painting sold for $6m! Luke and I enjoyed observing the people milling around the messe, most of them from a very different income bracket than ours!
I viewed the "gratis" parts of the exhibition which were on display outside of the galleries. This cross was created by a Swiss artist.

This loop bench is a very cool piece of "street furniture"! It was created by Danish artist Jeppe Hein who likes making art "that turns passive visitors into participants". Fairgoers are invited to navigate the swirls and bends of the sculptural obstacle course (which we observed that children loved to do!) and also to sit and rest awhile.

Created by well-known US artist John McCracken, this sculpture, entitled "Liftoff" (because as he says, is so noticeably vertical) is a polished stainles steel column that reflects fairgoers as they come and go.

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Very cool Sandee!